BitPiggy Platform


BitPiggy Platform provides SMTP servers so you can quickly start sending out emails without having to worry about reliability, SPF records, etc.

Powered by SendGrid , you can get access to a powerful backend to monitor bounce rates, reputation and other analysis.

Email pricing


BitPiggy Platform makes it easy to manage external services for multiple web servers all from one easy location.

Apps group your services together for each website or Internet service you are managing, meaning you can quickly scale services as needed.


We will be filling out this section with more details about our services shortly. For the moment, you can check out services for free by registering now.

3rd party services

Need more than what we offer?

The following services are not part of BitPiggy Platform, so these are just our recommendations. The following sites all accept bitcoin.


Dedicated, Virtual Private Servers (VPSs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
Dedicated hosts, VPSs, VPNs.

Payment processing and online wallets

Payment processing for the bitcoin world. Essentially the 'PayPal' of the bitcoin world.
Secure wallet encrypted on the client side. Comprehensive API access.
Online wallet, with features of traditional banking + PayPal. Accounts have API access and options to buy bitcoins directly.

Bitcoin exchange services

Buy and sell bitcoins for Australian dollars. The original and most trusted Australian bitcoin exchange.
The worlds largest bitcoin exchange. Besides buying and selling bitcoins, now offers merchant services.
Buy and sell precious metals for bitcoin. Gold and silver.

Mining software

Mining Monitor
Bitcoin mining monitoring, so you can check the status of your miners remotely. Free trial + SMS alerts for paid accounts.